COVID-19 Procedures

Sun -  11am - 5pm
Mon -  10am - 7pm
Tues -  10am - 7pm
Wed -  10am - 7pm
Thurs -  10am - 7pm
Fri -  10am - 7pm
Sat -  10am - 6pm
1. Place your order through our website. If you have trouble with the website, please phone on our location
2. Select which store you will be picking up from (at checkout)
3. Pre-pay using credit card, etransfer, or pay at the door when you arrive
4. Please show us your order number when you arrive to pick-up your order
5. ID will be required at the time of order pick up, even if the order has been pre-paid
We will be reducing our delivery hours to 5pm - 9pm
Minimum amount spent to qualify for free local delivery
*Qualifying price = $49.99*
We are doing this to encourage people to stay home and order online. We want to all work together to reduce the spread of COVID-19
We offer Canada wide shipping. The prices are as follows:
Orders above $89.99 = FREE shipping
Orders below $89.99 = $12.99 shipping fee
All orders are shipped within 1-2 business days